Container Operations Handling in Phase II

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With the present trend of cargo, especially the finished products, being more and more containerized emphasis has been made to provide more and more containerized, facilities to handle containers at MRMR Port, especially with the industrial zones coming up in the vicinity of the port. Due to this high demand from the investors to utilize the existing berths and the requirements of the RO-RO operations, current facilities will not be sufficient in the future.

Total Minimum Guaranteed Volume from RFP I & II

Above figure are prepared by according to the guaranteed volumes obtained from the request proposals (RFP) submitted by investors in two occasions for MRMR Port., A major port such as the MRMR Port needs to be planned, constructed in stages over the years in pace with growth of demand for the different types of import/export and transhipment cargo movements. The estimated container generation within the free trade zone alone by the year 2015 is 300,000 TEU’S annum. In addition to this container throughput the industries will need to import/export a sizeable quantity of break bulk and or bulk cargo.

All the above will not be able to be handled through the present (phase I) facilities in an efficient manner. Hence it is imperative that the phase II port work commences immediately with facilities of container handling. The phase II therefore was commenced with facilities to handle two container ships of 100,000 DWT and two feeder vessel along with multipurpose berths with associated quay cranes and other relevant handling equipment. In addition another berth for smaller vessels will also be built in connecting phase I and phase II.