Staff Development

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Our Organization much concern to develop each employees jobs to sustain each skills and knowledge more reliably those that are necessary to successfully perform one's job where Professional development skills are the skills and knowledge that go beyond the scope of the employee's job description, although they may indirectly improve job performance.

Formal training is effective in providing new information and also need to practice new skills. Therefore, you can contribute significantly to your staff member's career development by supporting career development activities within your department.

Management Development

The management and leadership development process is flexible and continuous, linking an individual's development to the goals of the job and the organization. Management development programs enable to gain valuble opportunity to develop a broad base of skills and knowledge that can be applied within the organization. The overarching goal is a comprehensive curriculum for managers and supervisors to develop the necessary core competencies to become excellent leaders.

International Recognize training programe

NYK ,MOL Shhiping Lines are arranged the inhouse and practicle training programe related to Opearational activities

Contribute to the employee's career satisfaction
One's own career contributes to self-confidence
Planning and development between organizational and individual employee goals
provide internationally recognize career development opportunities
Increases employee motivation and productivity
Attract top staff and retain valued employees