Establishment Of Free Trade Zone

By Admin

Sri Lanka’s first free trade zone centred around a sea port has been declared in the MRMR Port. This port has vast bare land available for large and small scale industries to be set up for manufacturing, warehousing, head quarter operation, off shore operations amongst a host of other value adding businesses.

The zone is situated adjoining the present multipurpose berth with direct access to vessels berthed therein. Several investors have already signed agreements with SLPA to have their businesses in this zone and are waiting to start construction, while some others are in the pipeline in response to our first public request large number of prospective investors have submitted their business proposals at our second public request made local and international media.

The SPLA will assist all investors in obtaining their licenses from the regulatory authorities as well as obtaining basic utilities. The port will be developed and expanded in line with the demand of the investors in the zone.