History of Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port

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After the arrival of the European colonialists ,with the focus being shifted to wards the Galle harbour, Hambantota paled in to almost insignificance. with the passage of time ,the region of hambantota was overrun by fast –spreading jungles and forests. The diaries ,memoirs other official documents and autobiography Ical notes left behind by the well –known British writer Leonard Woolf ,who was also the Assistant Government Agent in charge of Hambantota at the beginning of the 20th century, has thrown up interesting facts on the situation in Hambantota at that time. having been overrun by the forest and untouched by the prosess of modernization, Hambantota remained an undeveloped and derelict area until recently.

During the colonial era the only viable industry that could survive was salt extraction. Many a saltern dotted the littoral belt clustering Hambantota. The dairy industry too thrived in the area. As there was no proper storage facilities for large quantities of milk produced, for marketing as fresh milk, a curd industry was developed as the main means of livehood of the indigenous populace in the area. As a result, Ruhuna ‘Meekiri’ or Ruhunu surd become the signature product, almost synonymous with Hambantota.

After centuries, a new inland port at Hambantota is being constructed and the phase I of which was declared open in November 2010. The new port, named Magam Ruhunupura mahinda Rajapaksa port (MRMRP), which revives the historic silk route used by arabs to explore Asia, is located ten (10) nautical miles off the world’s busiest east-west shipping lane. it is ideally situated at the intersection of major international sea trading routes. With the focus of development, extending outside Colombo in terms of “Mahinda Chintana, a vision for the future”, Hambantota has become a centre of a slew of development activities such as free economics zones abutting the MRMRP, Mattala Mahinda Rajapaksa International Air port and a state-of-the-art Cricket Stadium etc,.


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    Vehicle Handling in full swing

    A total of 370,000 vehicles in 560 vessel's had been Handled at the Magampura Port to the date.

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    Unlimited Spaces & Best service

    available unlimited Yard space for Stacking more than 10,000 Vehicles at once. Best quality and Safe Operation carried out by young energetic Employees.

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    Lotus Port City Constructions

    The proposed Port City Development Projects in Hambantota construction work will be completed before schedule.

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    Phase II Project Development

    17 metres Draft with a turning circle of 600 metres diameter while the approach channel will be dredged up to 18 metres.