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The tank farm and bunkering facility at the MRMR port is a modern well equipped facility with all amenities as required by the shipping industry.

As an aspiring leader in the Marine Fuel business, we are equipped with a Petroleum Laboratory which shall deliver premier services which will satisfy the expectations of clients in petroleum industry since the quality of the fuel is critical for the vessels to operate safely and in compliance with the strict environmental regulations.

We are implementing all systems and the work is in progress in accordance with internationally recognized quality management standards in operating and maintaining laboratories.

Tests are performed in accordance with internationally recognition methods (ISO/IP/ASTM) and the Marine fuel analysis will be performed to ISO 8217 specifications. We are in the process of implementing ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation to the laboratory and have employed qualified and experienced staff to ensure Management and Technical requirements are met whilst quality management system is maintained.

We shall strive to consistently deliver valid results

Petroleum laboratory testing

Residual fuel
Distillate fuel

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