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Delmege Forsyth &(Co.) Shipping Ltd carried out a successful medical campaign for Hambantota port staff

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This was the 3rd activity They have successfully completed on 10th to 11th September 2015 with the anticipation of having a healthy workforce at Hambantota Port in order to achieve a high level of Safety and target Zero accidents. We team at Delmege Forsyth &(Co.) Shipping Ltd. as agents for Toyofuji Shipping Ltd. Japan had detail discussions and planning sessions to ensure this program was successfully launched and this Safety culture is now been shared at all our operational areas of the company .

And Also “Toyofuji Shipping” Nagoya , Japan initiated a program to target Zero Accidents and planned out a few activities throughout the Year at Hambantota Port. With the guidance of our Principals they managed to initiate a few safety related activities as below,

1.March 2015 – provided signal sticks to port operational staff
2.April 2015 – provided safety cones to port operational staff


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    Vehicle Handling in full swing

    A total of 370,000 vehicles in 560 vessel's had been Handled at the Magampura Port to the date.

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    Unlimited Spaces & Best service

    available unlimited Yard space for Stacking more than 10,000 Vehicles at once. Best quality and Safe Operation carried out by young energetic Employees.

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    Lotus Port City Constructions

    The proposed Port City Development Projects in Hambantota construction work will be completed before schedule.

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    Phase II Project Development

    17 metres Draft with a turning circle of 600 metres diameter while the approach channel will be dredged up to 18 metres.