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Carried out Car Carrier Operations with Implemented Process

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successful stevedoring and terminal operating procedure enabled to meet the customers’s growing requirements by ensuring Quality Control system driven by the Magampura Port. senior managers and skilled longshore workforce implement these quality processes and procedures to keep productivity high, expedite vessel turnaround and ensure that cargo handling is safe and secure.

Quality supervision of operations is the key to successful cargo movement. that recognized and applied by the entire Operation staff. where superintendent or supervisors are to be fully responsible for the safety and security of all employees and the cargo that they handle. The Superintendent is also responsible for the communication between staff, labor, the vessel crew and the terminal. They may assign duties to others in the staff, however, the Superintendent remain ultimately accountable for the functions and results.

Operation Procedure Implemented for Vehicle handling at MRMR Port

See the Attachment.

How Operations Done at MRMR Port

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