Construction of Road Network

By Admin

A major port facility such as the MRMR Port needs development of good land traffic connections in parallel with the port development when the port commences import/export cargo movement. This traffic is expected to grow considerably as the projects start operating.

As such the port will be designed with good internal road and a rail lines connected to the hinterland, to the west to Colombo and Galle, to the North, the central highlands and also to the eastern provinces. The southern expressway and the rail road extensions up to Hambantota will ensure very good connectivity between the highly industrialized western province and the resurgent southern province where there would be a rapid transfer of import/export goods as well as transhipment cargo & passengers between MRMR Port and Colombo port as well as the port of Galle.

The present day logistics demand multimodal transport, (different modes of transport) at different links of the logistics chain, especially for high value cargo to optimize the cost and time balance. The MRMR port will be developed as an air sea cargo hub servicing the above requirement capitalizing on the proximity of the Mattala Rajapaksa International Air Port. The expressway to the airport will be linked to the port with a wide road network creating as express link between the airport and the sea port which in turn will benefit the air-sea hub activity.