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Vision & Mission of MRMR Port

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Envisioning the future of Sri Lankan Ports, Sri Lanka Ports Authority is shifting its original thought of of container hub to global logistic hub, expecting the boom in international trade that opens up a range of opportunities and challenges. Ports Authority expects to strength complex logistic approaches with "one touch"' information flow of all activities while sustaining the best practices at national and international level in order to improve overall economic conditions in Sri Lanka.



Emphasizing on the thought of creating global logistic hub port in Sri Lanka, the port authority is expected to construct multi-dimensional logistic system to integrate logistic functions while opening a deep water sea port with excellent maritime access that enables to receive large vessels and to operate them in modern specialized terminals.

Responding to the expected future growth of the port and the region, a modern port, free of urban restrictions, thus assuring long-term expansion capacity and an industrial and logistics zone of worldwide extent logistic platform that can receive the main players of port, maritime, industrial and logistic sectors is expected to be devised. While adhering to the highest standard of integrity, the port further assures to present economically efficient and environmentally sound intensive benefits and port services to port users and stakeholders.


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    Vehicle Handling in full swing

    A total of 370,000 vehicles in 560 vessel's had been Handled at the Magampura Port to the date.

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    Unlimited Spaces & Best service

    available unlimited Yard space for Stacking more than 10,000 Vehicles at once. Best quality and Safe Operation carried out by young energetic Employees.

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    Lotus Port City Constructions

    The proposed Port City Development Projects in Hambantota construction work will be completed before schedule.

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    Phase II Project Development

    17 metres Draft with a turning circle of 600 metres diameter while the approach channel will be dredged up to 18 metres.